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Fantasy and Sci Fi Art's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Fantasy and Sci Fi Art

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My girlfriend cosplaying as Illyria. [26 Oct 2011|04:12pm]

My girlfriend (astr0babe) made this costume from scratch and entered it into a contest on Facebook. (For those unfamiliar, it's Illyria from the series "Angel". If you'd like to vote for her, all you have to do is click the pic below then press 'like'. I hope you enjoy!!

(X-Posted to the entire galaxy)

You can also click (here) to see the details of how she made her costume! Hope you enjoy!

fantasyverse // let your imagination run wild [29 Aug 2011|03:20am]


Fantasy fans can unleash their creative skills at fantasyverse, an interactive land comm where members are split into different teams and compete in a range of challenges involving fantasy fandoms (books, movies, TV shows, etc). Anything from vampires to Disney to Harry Potter to underrated fantasy films and books flies here. Challenges are also varied and feature luck games, graphics challenges, writing and even choose-your-own-adventure games, and that's not even scratching the surface. Come join the fun, and if you do please say that burntheflaws referred you!

DS: Handmade dragon poseable plush [15 Apr 2011|12:05pm]


DS: OOAK Handmade Shadow Dragon Poseable PlushCollapse )

BGE Leather Steampunk gas mask [22 Mar 2011|02:36am]


Read more...Collapse )

Animated music videos [12 Jan 2011|02:44pm]

I'd just like to share two animated music videos with you...

This one is for the Particle Zoo song, 'Even an Army'.

And this one is for, 'Popinjay' by The Joy Formidable.


Crossed Genres - Calls for submissions & announcement [01 Dec 2010|09:53pm]

Just a couple calls for submissions and an announcement to share.

#1 – Crossed Genres magazine is currently accepting submissions for the sci-fi and fantasy TRAGEDY issue.

#2 – The 'Science in My Fiction' blog is also seeking short story submissions. All stories must be inspired by actual science (with submissions, please include links to relevant articles).

#3 – Crossed Genres just released 'A Festival of Skeletons' by Rachel Astruc. It's a darkly fantastic comedy that still makes me chuckle, even though I've read it several times now. Sure, I'm the editor, but if you like sass and suspense, I think you'll enjoy reading 'A Festival of Skeletons'.

People of color in fantasy and science fiction art [24 Nov 2010|10:28pm]

East of Elvendom - a blog featuring non-white characters in SFF art. Selected works from a broad range of artists.

Crossed Genres Seeking SFF + CHARACTERS OF COLOR Submissions! [12 Sep 2010|12:30pm]

The Current Genre for Crossed Genres Issue #24 (to be released November 1, 2010) is Characters of ColorCollapse )

Azathoth will eat your face [18 May 2010|08:50am]

Brand new shirt design just released! The boundless daemon sultan Azathoth, whose name no lips dare speak aloud, and who gnaws hungrily in inconceivable, unlighted chambers beyond time and space amidst the muffled, maddening beating of vile drums and the thin monotonous whine of accursed flutes. Up in the Etsy shop, check it out!


The Science in My Fiction Contest! [04 May 2010|10:25pm]

There’s been a lot of talk recently about whether science fiction is obsolete, no longer the genre of ideas, and so on. Some people have claimed that there is no need to educate yourself in science in order to write science fiction.

We respectfully think that’s hooey, so we came up with the Science in My Fiction contest!

Here’s how it works…Collapse )

Fallout Vault Dweller Costume up on Ebay! [22 Apr 2010|04:34pm]

This was the Fallout 3 Vault Dweller costume I created for Halloween 2009. Blue jumpsuit with painted collar and zipper, vault number"106" on back.
Distressed, beaten and generally abused to give it that Wasteland warrior effect.
One arm and one leg have been viciously torn off, probably by mutants or Raiders and is riddled with holes from guns and laser beams.
Great for Halloween, cosplay or conventions!

Unisex size 34-36. Measures 26" from shoulder to crotch. Elastic band at waist with adjustable belt. More measurements available.

As part of the Vault Experiment, psychoactive drugs were released into the Vault 106 air filtration system 10 days after the door was sealed.
By 2277, the Vault's interior was mostly destroyed but filled with Insane Survivors.

Please ask any questions you may have! Thanks for looking and check out my Etsy site for my original shirts and bags! http://raygunrobyn.etsy.com

More More pics after the cut!Collapse )

my friend and i answered suvudu's tourney with one of our own [27 Mar 2010|08:50pm]

fantasy heroes and villains tournament

Crossed Genres Now Seeking EASTERN SciFi & Fantasy submissions! [08 Mar 2010|10:29pm]

Crossed Genres Magazine is now calling for Eastern Science Fiction and Fantasy!

Last year at this time we did our Western issue; now, we’re looking for short SFF stories set in Eastern cultures. Anyone can submit, but the stories (and preferably the characters) will be set in the East. (Check the Wikipedia article on "Eastern World".)

Submissions for Issue 18 will be accepted until 11:59 pm US EST on March 31.

Take care to read our submission guidelines, first.Collapse )

Ianto Jones for Children in Need [28 Feb 2010|07:19pm]


Ianto Jones for Children in Need is a fandom auction held in honour and appreciation of Ianto Jones, organized to benefit BBC Children in Need, a charitable organization helping disadvantaged children and young people across the UK. The auction opens on March 1st, 12:01 one minute after midnight GMT, and closes on March 31st 11:59 one minute before midnight GMT. See all the details here!

The auction is open to all kinds of offers:
- fanfiction, fanart, fanvids and other fanworks, in any fandom
- original creative endeavours
- material objects and services

If you would like to participate, please follow the links.

If this kind of post is not welcome on this comm., accept my apologies and remove it.


It's back! [05 Feb 2010|08:39am]

IT'S BACK!!! The Serenity shirt is back and in full force! http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=40059061 Browncoats UNITE!!

Crossed Genres Now Seeking SFF + STEAMPUNK submissions! [21 Jan 2010|11:06pm]

What do you know about pressure?!

Get your aviator goggles on and shine the brass on your backyard sprocket rocket, because Crossed Genres Magazine wants STEAMPUNK Science Fiction and Fantasy short stories.

Take care to read our submission guidelines, first.Collapse )

Va va va vampy! [11 Jan 2010|05:16pm]

Just cut and tested out a new design and I think it looks GREAT!! Super spooky for all you vampire lovers out there. I SEE YOU! I know its not the usual horrible ROBOT overlord, but its still a monster, right? Yeah, it totally fits. You love it.

Just put it up in the shop so check it out! I bet it will make a great Valentine's gift for all you cats and kittens out there! Let me know if you like it!

Tenatcle of Horror Motorcycle Jacket [14 Nov 2009|05:39pm]


Brand new Jacket style!!! Tentacle design is on both front and back of jacket!
High quality Alternative Apparel fit fleece l/s zip up motorcycle jacket.
Features double-sided gunmetal zipper on front and 6” zipper at end of both sleeves.
Two inset pockets on front near bottom hem and one inset chest pocket on wearer’s left.
Single gunmetal snap tab closure at neck.
Now you can be a member of the Awesome club!

Available in Unisex sizes Small - XLarge. See em here in my Etsy Shop


Crossed Genres Now seeking SFF + ACTION/ADVENTURE submissions! [18 Oct 2009|10:46pm]

Tag! You’re it!

It’s Action/Adventure month at Crossed Genres Magazine. Trigger our fight or flight responses, make our hearts race, raise our blood pressure, and take us on the ride of our lives!

Take care to read our submission guidelines, first.

Crossed Genres is also accepting submissions of completed novel-length fiction and novellas to be serialized on our website exclusively for subscribers, as well as "pitches" for a webcomic to run for a year in our ‘Subscribers-Only Area’. Upon completion, Crossed Genres will publish each novel/la and comic in its entirety.

Meanwhile, in our SciFi and Fantasy HORROR issue...

- Get caught in an infinite loop of your own design.
- Embrace your darker nature.
- Save the world and have your revenge, too.
- Create your heart out.
- Wonder, ‘If you have only nice things to say, then who are you and what have you done with yourself?’

Tentacle of Horror Hoodie! [08 Oct 2009|11:52am]


Hoodies! Just in time for all this freakin' cold weather that's coming! My sample turned out great and the design is on both the front, back and details on the hood. Super soft American Apparel fleece hoodie. You know you want it! Check it out here!

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