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fantasy_scifi's Journal

Fantasy and Sci Fi Art
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
A community where artists all across livejournal can come to share their fantasy and sci fi artwork, sketches, photographs, and digital pieces!

Please be warned, this community can be of an R rated nature with violence and nudity.


1. This community has been constructed for the posting of Fantasy and Sci Fi Art and Photography of Livejournal members, please keep this in mind when thinking of joining. We do allow lurkers, but you lurk, nothing more unless you have something to post that is in the regulations of the Fantasy and Sci Fi Community.

2. The comment section is left open for COMMENTS and CRITIQUES only. Flames, harsh or/and rude insults will cause in the warning and/or removal of a member.

3. This is a rated R art and photography community! But that _does not_ mean you can post pornographic images that you have drawn or taken pictures of. Nudity is fine. Nudity and more than kissing, is not. Image acceptibility is up to the discretion of the community moderators.
- Un acceptable pictures will be removed and the posting member warned. Three strikes you're out.